Holiday Gift Drive

Unbelievably, it is Dec already and the holiday season is here!  Of course, we have our annual list of families who could really use our help to provide presents that will make their holidays much brighter!
Should you choose to sponsor anyone, we ask that you bring all wrapped gifts that are labeled with a family number and a sibling number to the main office by close of business on Mon, 12/12.
Families will be invited to come to pick up their gifts on Tues, 12/13 and Wed, 12/14.   Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet where you can place your name and email in the Santa’s helper columns.
In past years, there have been questions about the gift expectations (how much should the sponsor spend?  How many gifts?).  There are no set rules.   Provide gifts as you are able.
One area to note is when siblings within a family are being sponsored by more than one person.  If at all possible, we ask sponsors to contact each other (emails are on the Google spreadsheet) to try to get a similiar number of gifts / similar value of the gifts.  We know this can be a challenge.  But, we ask as we want to try to be mindful of the fact that the family will open gifts together and it can be unfortunate when siblings gifts vary largely in quantity and value.
We thank you in advance for your consideration!  Please contact Michelle Whitecar ( if you have any questions!

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